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Delivering Emails that Deliver $$

By Katrina VanHuss & Otis Fulton Turnkey deploys hundreds of thousands of emails each month on behalf of dozens of nonprofits. Email communication is cost effective, and its effects are measureable. It is a great channel for nonprofits to nurture and deepen relationships with their constituents. Crafting...

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The Walk is Dead

By Katrina VanHuss & Otis Fulton Maybe it is time to accept that walk is dead. Maybe enough people have done walk that we just can’t attract enough participants. Maybe the digi-verse gives them a new way to fundraise, and they don’t need to face-to-face with...

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It’s All About the Mission Donor

By Katrina VanHuss & Otis Fulton Conventional wisdom says that when people support nonprofits, “it’s all about the mission.” Nonprofit CEOs and other C-suite executives say this a lot. Their supporters are connected to a cure for cancer, global warming, humane treatment of animals, etc. And...

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