Automated Marketing Campaigns

We coined the term ITEC (Income Triggered Electronic Communications), now an industry term for our earlier income based automated marketing. We have expanded our capabilities into BTECs (Behaviorally Triggered Electronic Communications), opening a world of possibilities.


Many nonprofits think of responding to what fundraisers do (raising money), but we can also proactively respond to what they don’t do. Inactivity can be a trigger as well, whether it be not opening an email or not beginning to fundraise.


For example, in setting up a fundraiser messaging campaign; fundraisers who haven’t opened an email in a defined time period could flow into an automated engagement campaign with specific calls to action to engage the fundraiser. Whereas a fundraiser who opens their email and does not fundraise would see different communications, and a fundraiser who is actively fundraising would see messages targeted to their specific performance.

automated marketing 1100x405

All three fundraiser types in this example would receive messaging specific to their behavior. A continued non-opener could even trigger an email to a staff member to follow up with them via other channels, the possibilities are endless!


Please reach out to us to learn how we can put this expertise to work for your nonprofit events as well!